Sampling: 17 species out of 25

Species list
  • Centropomus armatus
  • Centropomus ensiferus
  • Centropomus medius
  • Centropomus mexicanus
  • Centropomus nigrescens
  • Centropomus parallelus
  • Centropomus pectinatus
  • Centropomus poeyi
  • Centropomus robalito
  • Centropomus undecimalis
  • Centropomus unionensis
  • Centropomus viridis
  • Hypopterus macropterus
  • Lates angustifrons
  • Lates calcarifer
  • Lates japonicus
  • Lates lakdiva
  • Lates longispinis
  • Lates macrophthalmus
  • Lates mariae
  • Lates microlepis
  • Lates niloticus
  • Lates stappersii
  • Lates uwisara
  • Psammoperca waigiensis

Fossil calibrations

No internal fossil calibrations are available for this group.


Order: Incertae sedis in Carangaria


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There were 398 species that caused Centropomidae to be inferred as paraphyletic.

Time-calibrated phylogeny of only species in Centropomidae

Time-calibrated phylogeny of "Centropomidae"

Phylogram of only species in Centropomidae

Phylogram of "Centropomidae"

Sequence data

Phylip sequences for Centropomidae

RAxML-style partitions file

Nexus file for Centropomidae (includes character partitions and phylogeny)