Sampling: 6 species out of 32

Species list
  • Acanthaphritis barbata
  • Acanthaphritis grandisquamis
  • Acanthaphritis ozawai
  • Acanthaphritis unoorum
  • Chrionema chlorotaenia
  • Chrionema chryseres
  • Chrionema furunoi
  • Chrionema pallidum
  • Chrionema squamentum
  • Chrionema squamiceps
  • Dactylopsaron dimorphicum
  • Enigmapercis acutirostris
  • Enigmapercis reducta
  • Enigmapercis sp
  • Hemerocoetes artus
  • Hemerocoetes macrophthalmus
  • Hemerocoetes monopterygius
  • Hemerocoetes morelandi
  • Hemerocoetes pauciradiatus
  • Matsubaraea fusiforme
  • Osopsaron formosensis
  • Osopsaron karlik
  • Osopsaron verecundum
  • Percophis brasiliensis
  • Pteropsaron evolans
  • Pteropsaron heemstrai
  • Pteropsaron incisum
  • Pteropsaron longipinnis
  • Pteropsaron natalensis
  • Pteropsaron neocaledonicus
  • Pteropsaron springeri
  • Squamicreedia obtusa

Fossil calibrations

No internal fossil calibrations are available for this group.


Order: Pempheriformes


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There were 1506 species that caused Percophidae to be inferred as paraphyletic.

Time-calibrated phylogeny of only species in Percophidae

Time-calibrated phylogeny of "Percophidae"

Phylogram of only species in Percophidae

Phylogram of "Percophidae"

Sequence data

Phylip sequences for Percophidae

RAxML-style partitions file

Nexus file for Percophidae (includes character partitions and phylogeny)