Sampling: 17 species out of 23

Species list
  • Lyconodes argenteus
  • Lyconus brachycolus
  • Lyconus pinnatus
  • Macruronus capensis
  • Macruronus maderensis
  • Macruronus magellanicus
  • Macruronus novaezelandiae
  • Merluccius albidus
  • Merluccius angustimanus
  • Merluccius australis
  • Merluccius bilinearis
  • Merluccius capensis
  • Merluccius gayi gayi
  • Merluccius gayi peruanus
  • Merluccius hernandezi
  • Merluccius hubbsi
  • Merluccius merluccius
  • Merluccius paradoxus
  • Merluccius patagonicus
  • Merluccius polli
  • Merluccius productus
  • Merluccius senegalensis
  • Merluccius tasmanicus

Fossil calibrations

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Order: Gadiformes


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There were 176 species that caused Merlucciidae to be inferred as paraphyletic.

Time-calibrated phylogeny of only species in Merlucciidae

Time-calibrated phylogeny of "Merlucciidae"

Phylogram of only species in Merlucciidae

Phylogram of "Merlucciidae"

Sequence data

Phylip sequences for Merlucciidae

RAxML-style partitions file

Nexus file for Merlucciidae (includes character partitions and phylogeny)