Taxon calibrated
Crown Osteoglossidae
Minimum age
58.551 Ma
Maximum 95% CI age
138.1 Ma
Li et Wilson 1996 JVP, Li etal 1997a, Li et Wilson 1999, Hilton 2003 and Wilson and Murray 2009.
Paskapoo Formation at Joffre Bridge
Age Authority
Magnetic polarity chron C26 encompassing Ti 3 and Ti4 of Tiffanian NALMA, age estimate derived from Gradstein et al. (2012)
Outgroup sequence
Joffrichthys symmetropterus (Crown Osteoglossidae, 58.551 Ma)
Paralycoptera wui (Total group Osteoglossidae, 107 Ma)
Leptolepides haerteisi (Total group Euteleostei, 150.94 Ma)
Anaethalion zapporum (Crown Teleostei, 151.2 Ma)
Occithrissops willsoni (stem Teleostei 5, 166.1 Ma)
Leptolepis coryphaenoides (stem Teleostei 4, 181.7 Ma)
Dorsetichthys bechei (stem Teleostei 3, 193.81 Ma)
Knerichthys bronni (stem Teleostei 2, 221 Ma)
Prohalecites porroi (stem Teleostei 1, 236 Ma)
Watsonulus (stem Halecomorphi 1, 251.2 Ma)
Taxa this fossil might apply to:
Class: Actinopteri
Subclass: Neopterygii
Infraclass: Teleostei
Megacohort: Osteoglossocephalai
Supercohort: Osteoglossocephala
Cohort: Osteoglossomorpha
Order: Osteoglossiformes
Family: Osteoglossidae