Sampling: 10 species out of 19

Species list
  • Cookeolus japonicus
  • Heteropriacanthus cruentatus
  • Priacanthus alalaua
  • Priacanthus arenatus
  • Priacanthus blochii
  • Priacanthus fitchi
  • Priacanthus hamrur
  • Priacanthus macracanthus
  • Priacanthus meeki
  • Priacanthus nasca
  • Priacanthus prolixus
  • Priacanthus sagittarius
  • Priacanthus tayenus
  • Priacanthus zaiserae
  • Pristigenys alta
  • Pristigenys meyeri
  • Pristigenys niphonia
  • Pristigenys refulgens
  • Pristigenys serrula

Fossil calibrations

No internal fossil calibrations are available for this group.


Order: Incertae sedis in Eupercaria


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Phylogram of Priacanthidae

Time-calibrated phylogeny of Priacanthidae

Sequence data

Phylip sequences for Priacanthidae

RAxML-style partitions file

Nexus file for Priacanthidae (includes character partitions and phylogeny)