Sampling: 5 species out of 16

Species list
  • Erythrinus erythrinus
  • Erythrinus kessleri
  • Hoplerythrinus cinereus
  • Hoplerythrinus gronovii
  • Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus
  • Hoplias aimara
  • Hoplias australis
  • Hoplias brasiliensis
  • Hoplias curupira
  • Hoplias lacerdae
  • Hoplias macrophthalmus
  • Hoplias malabaricus
  • Hoplias microcephalus
  • Hoplias microlepis
  • Hoplias patana
  • Hoplias teres

Fossil calibrations

No internal fossil calibrations are available for this group.


Order: Characiformes


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Phylogram of Erythrinidae

Time-calibrated phylogeny of Erythrinidae

Sequence data

Phylip sequences for Erythrinidae

RAxML-style partitions file

Nexus file for Erythrinidae (includes character partitions and phylogeny)